Doing all I can do to return this house to its former glory


I own a house in Frankfurt-Schwanheim, built in 1888. I have plans to restore it more or less to its original form. The house has a lovely original staircase, very wide (55cm) Pine plank flooring, a lot of original woodwork.

Starting in the summer of 2015, I decided to tackle the bathroom on the 1st floor. The previous owner had done a bad job installing this bathroom and most of the tile floor was cracked and the pressboard underneath it was waterlogged and rotten. The room needed to be completely gutted. After removing the floor to ceiling wall tiles, the floor tiles, the pressboard underneath the floor tiles, the fixtures, the cabinetry, the radiators, etc. It turns out there was some previous water damage to the floor that had been covered by dumping some cement onto the floor. Under this I found 2 badly damaged beams that needed to be replaced. See my posts. The story continues...

Wish me luck!




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